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About us

ALLIED TOURS is Syria’s foremost respective tour operator providing travel services to international wholesalers Tour Operators for clients visiting Syria.

These travel services, among others include FIT hotel accommodation and packages, group and incentive arrangements, fly and drive and ready made packages.


We continue to adhere to our longstanding commitments of over 30 years: to offer high-quality services at competitive prices for the world’s leading travel wholesalers. We are proud to our long history of achievements and are looking forward to meeting the challenges and opportunities that lies ahead.

We are constantly looking forward to improve our standards of service to satisfy our clients.


ALLIED TOURS already deals with many tour Operators around the world. During this long period of cooperation with various business partners we have gathered both the expertise and the right approach to satisfy all requirements. No mentioning the normal classical land arrangements such as classical tours, but also the incentive, adventure and study ones.

ALLIED TOURS means touring Syria with all its aspects and interests. Syria is considered to be one of the richest countries in the world in terms of archeological sites and culture. This land, pregnant with history and civilizations, is a pivotal point between the East and the West. It is a link between three continents and is the cradle of the oldest civilization, which has always intrigued archeologists and scholars likewise.


You are most welcome to Syria with ALLIED TOURS