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View of Syria

01- Introduction:

Syria is a land of great antiquity. The capital city, Damascus, is said to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and it was Damascus which was claimed to be paradise on earth. The city has much to offer the visitor, notably the Street called Straight, with its bazaars and many interesting buildings nearby. The National Museum gives a superb display of Syria's history down through the years.

Undoubtedly, a visit to Palmyra - some 150 miles from Damascus, is the highlight of a journey through Syria. However, there is much else besides-notably the magnificent Crusades Castle-Crac des Chevaliers.

Further a field the ancient sites of Ugarit, Ebla, Bosra, Aleppo and Hama, will thrill those interested in history and archaeology. At Latakia you have the fine sandy beaches.
Wherever you go you are assured of a friendly welcome from the people of Syria.


Full country name: 
Syria Arab Republic

185,180 sq km ( 72,150 sq mi )

Around 23 million

Damascus ( pop 06 million ), second city is Aleppo ( pop 02 million ),
01 million each in Homs and Hama, 01 million in Latakia and 800.000 in Deir Ezzor.

Arabic ( 90%), Kurds, Armenians, Circassians, Turks.

Arabic is the official language but almost everyone speaks English or
French, Kurdish, Aramenian, Turkish.


74% Sunni Muslim, 16% other Muslim, 10% Christian.

Bashar Al-Assad


Governmental Regime: 
Syria is a republic of which President is elected for seven
Years by referendum.

General dress for comfort. Light casual clothing, preferably cotton, is ideal for the warm summer climate, but at other times of the year be prepared for rain and colder days, taking a raincoat and sweater. An extra sweater is very useful for Damascus in the winter. Good non-slip walking shoes are essential for sight-seeing.

The monetary unit is the Syrian Pound (Lira)

1 U$ = around 50.-- SYR Lira

1 Euro = around 65.-- SYP Lira



Bank Hours: 
8:30 A.M till 12:30 P.M from Sunday till Thursday.
Closed on Friday

ATM machines are available also exchange money is possible at hotels


Credit Cards:

Visa and American Express are accepted at various hotels and shops.


220 Volts AC, 50 Hz - European-style 2-pin plugs. 

 Major Industries: 
Oil, Agriculture, textiles.


Major trading partners: 
Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine, EU and Japan. 

 Drinking water:
It is recommended to drink bottled water, certainly outside the large cities.

 02- Facts for the Traveler

All foreigners need a visa, available at consulates or it can be obtained at the arrival point (airport or borders)
All passport should not have visas neither to Israel nor Taba, Tourist visas are valid
For 15 days and must be used within one month of being issued.
Extensions are available.

GMT plus two. 
Comparable timings: 
Damascus ............. 12 noon 
London .................. 10 a.m. 
Los Angeles .......... 2 a.m. 
Rome ................... 11 a.m. 
New York............... 5 a.m. 
Tokyo.................... 9 p.

03- When to Go:

Spring ( March to May ) is the best time to visit, as temperatures are mild and the winter rains have cleared the haze that clogs up the views during the rest of the year,
Autumn ( September to November ) is the next-best choice.
Summer ( June to August ), don't be caught without a hat, sunscreen and water bottle,
Especially if you are going to Palmyra to the north-east. Winter can be downright unpleasant on the coast and in the mountains, when temperatures drop and rains begin.

Syria holiday and festivals are mostly Islamic. The big one is Ramadan, 
a month ( the date changes every year ) when everyone fasts between sunrise and sunset to conform that the fourth pillar of Islam.
Ramadan ends with a huge feast, EID Al-FITR, where everyone prays together, 
Visits friends, gives presents and stuffs themselves. EID Al-ADAH, another moveable event, is the other big feast of the year, and marks the time when Muslims should make the pilgrimage to Mecca.